Mixed Reality - AR-VR hybrid!
One of the most immersive and richest XR experience. an immersive – 360 hybrid AR-VR interactive music experience, subtly hinting on the parallels between the dream world, Astral planes, and the Waking Reality all joined together through fractal forces of nature.
The Art of Multiverse
Augmented Reality Book
Immersive Theatre
reAction Theatre x RMIT
‘Les Mystères du Louvre’ is a bilingual theatrical experience, which combines 3D projection mapping and set design to explore where live performance and digital animation collide. It challenges the audience’s perception of history while immersing in modern-day digital media. ~ Projects Creative Technologist + New Media Artist
Human Presence Tracking
Realtime VFX
Using AI / Computer Vision for detection
keep flowin ~
Depth Based Realtime VFX
Using Depth Sensors
Ricochetsz - VR
A small experiential parable in Virtual Reality Environment.Ricochetsz submerges the user in a sea progressing towards an uplifting death and transformation.
inside - outside
an experimental concept to be further explored, done in Unity3D. Rendered in VR 360 forms and post-processed to achieve some mind blending results.
Meraki - WebVR
A meditative experience featuring hacked inverted camera dynamics with 3D audio, challenging perception, and immersion amidst a cosmic beating heart.
Realtime Archiviz
Photo Realistic Arch Viz from architecture blueprints. - VR
Fixing Broken sculpture - AR
Using Augmented Reality and Photogrammetry to display broken parts of a sculpture.
the island ~
3D and VFX Matte
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