This visualisation was done for a class module of CPS(Character Place and Simulation) at RMIT MAGI. The theme is tinkering, which means just playing with and keep on doing constant interacting in order to make something as you discover.

Tinckering as method is fascinating as it emerges from chaos and not having that final goal, though I cant help but to visual somewhere what I wanna achieve, I guess that’ll just be a starting point and keep on building and cutting on it to find the symmetry out of choas!

I’ll open up C4D and try to create random movement through code, and then keep applying c4d’s subdivisions, tools on layers upon layers to create abstract animated movements. Then :Â

if (time)

{I’ll add sound to that movement, and drive shape morph through music’s frequency }


An further iterated and more appealing version is shown above where all the bubbles merge into each other. Though the filesystem will need some major optimisations before it’s able to render in it’s full glory. As we can see I ran it for 40 hours only to find out it was still rendering frame 1 of 2933.

Response: just building on building and layering stuff upon stuffs, I didn’t know where to stop! I got hints on it when my computer started to crash in between. The code is not working how i imagined it to be, the scene is not at all how i thought how it would be, because I didn’t try to to stick to that vision but I discovered tinkering right here, It’s not working how I imagined it to be but surely reached a very new and cool stage. { I couldn’t stop till im happy with it.} .  


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