CO-OP is an inquiry for Unity x Blockchain – to create fun and complex open-world 3D games incorporating blockchain and the economy with DeFi like ease and user experience, Made within 2 weeks – Part of ETHOnline, 2020’s largest Ethereum event .

Co-op is a multiplayer game verse- an intersection between 3D games and onchain activity and economy, defi and yeild farming, or is it yield gaming? is battle royal rpg maybe

Code :


My initial enquiry is how you can create fun and complex open world 3D games incorporating blockchain and the economy with defi like ease and user experience. While there are many interesting games which have emerged in the space, putting complex open world game logic incorporating 3D gameplay fully on the blockchain is something not feasible(yet). Through this exploration I’ve found that maybe you can intertwine the game logic in off-chain and on-chain logic in such a way that it ceases to exist without one another where you can initiate checkpoints and financial transactions on the blockchain this can also include NFT’s etc, and smaller and complex 3D gameplay logic can happen off-chain on server while still reading the on-chain data and incorporating these as checkpoints. Some other fundamentals for the project are:

1. No server side player wallets: in many crypto games you have in built gameplayer wallets which users need to play fully through, (instead defi wallets such as web based metamask).
2. Decentralized economy: game economy should be between players, and not between game master and players.
3. No Financial Entry Barrier: Much of games in crypto requires an initial investment which limits the userbase, on-boarding and people to experience. Instead we focus on getting players in game from all areas and introducing them to this digital market.

cO-Op has emerged from this hackathon and what we have achieved here is kind of prototype which provides defi like experience in sense of calling and reading data from metamask to-in from webgl to game engine, while also reading data directly off from the blockchain in the gameengine according to which some logic happens in game. This combination of onchain and offchain logic can enable to create much more complex open-world games utilizing blockchain and 3d gaming engines. The level presented in October 2020 Ethonline Hackathon is : Happy Mcface DeathMatch which incorporates a very simple idea of deathmatch where players can choose to get an ability in the game(which is armor here), by sending funds to a pool. In the end, the pool funds are auto distributed to the winners.

How it’s made: 

Unity3D, Google Cloud VM, MetaMask, HTML, Infura, Etherscan, Ethereum, Nethereum , ENS

The current Pool funds are managed in a server wallet. (ENS for the ease of user experience, co-op.eth) API : [to read tx/player details]
Nethereum(DotNet Ethereum/web3) + Infura : to get current blocks and manage pool funds.
Metamask/web3 + java -> webgl : to Get user wallet’s public address as player id. Everything is automated and is currently hosted(at time of writing this) on server to play with [On Rinkeby].

Other fun challenges to overcome during this hackathon was this incorporation of metamask/ webbased user wallet, learning, and integrating through different blockchain API’s and loads of resources and help from the community for future play.
Some more ideas are along the lines of incorporating chainlink for smartcontract pool fund management, NFT’s as in game items, Gameplay farming of game currency coin, providing skins,properties to players according to defi protocols they use (for eg: aave, comp, yearn , bal, uni etc..)(can incorporate graph protocol here), audius for the car radio, L2’s , hybrid gameplay between L2’s and base layer chains, ,pool-together, biconomi and more. maybe to be explored in future… Thank you for a fun and resourceful hackathon experience.

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