Sahaj Garg [ Ω ](sz.sahaj) is a creative hacker, new media artist, technologist, sound designer, and a problem solver. Over many years, he has been experimenting with interactive technologies, ranging from AR – VR – to immersive interactive installations and immersive spaces. His works often include awe-inspiring audio-visuals in immersive spaces alongside interactive elements. Working on and with the evolution happening in the entertainment industries from the interactive spaces – AR/VR applications, music-driven experiences, immersive theatricals, ~ and disrupting and experimenting with the future media technologies to deliver mysterium tremendums!!

Sitting between the lines of merging physical and digital, he is often experimenting and is an enthusiast of future media and technologies currently such as computer vision, ai, blockchain, and more and finding new ways to combine these with art.

He often works as a freelancer in 3D and interactive technologies, and his AR-VR works have been showcased in RMIT MAGI expos. His works have also been involved and showcased in collaborations with reAction Theatre, RMIT University, and is currently working on Playable City installation with the City of Moreland. Lately, he has also been researching and working on 3D people and object tracking software and overall focuses on design and technology integration in various fields, while he inclines mostly towards artistic industries.
Fascinated by Cosmos, Revelations, Perception, macros and zen Philosophies, these ideas can often be seen explored consciously (or sub-consciously) in his personal art projects.