During CPS(Character, Place and Simulation) modules I created a bunch of experiences which ranged from draw-ings , videos – 3D models and Interactive experiences using leap motion. For the final Archive these have all beencombined into an interactive archive, thus so all can be experienced in their truest forms, navigatable by means of leap motion controller- which detects the hands.

It features a black hole , which when touched takes you to one of the 8 works randomly. Gesture(1) opens up the a hand Panel UI which buttons can be touched to navigate through the the works. The last panel, with the image of afloating astronaut , takes you to a speacial archived space of all the works. Gesture (2)~touching the god~ can be usedto return to the blackhole. Sliding the hand towards ends rotates the screen revealing more in depth of works in some work panels. keyboard’s numeric numbers can also be used for navigations between works.




The blackhole was created using ‘Scingularity’, which gives rays around a black spot. Different Iterations using number of textures, temperature and fields were experimented upon via the capabilities of the asset.

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In Character,Place and Simulation module we created a number of projects each week around one of the context, these somehow forced us to get out and try new things, the constraints were however is what drives the work forward, and in keeping the spirit alive of trying new things.


Observation is a critical element in life. I was focusing on the ‘topic of observer’s effect’ and alternate perceptions. I had a more philosophical approach to this one where, I drew a mindmap of my thoughts on alternate perceptions and the observer’s effect in regards to reality and tried to draw a representation of how sky might percieve/observe us, then had few different people draw and reflect on the same comparing all drawings, in sense of emotion and view theydepict.


Pure experimentation! Letting ideas flow ~ I found tinkering when I realised the outcome is not at all how I imagined it to be but just kept building and experimenting on top of previous result, though I got lost in tinkering so much that didn’t realise where to stop, I only had hints of it when my computer started to freeze. I did a 3D audio reactive ani- mation of bubble. This also feeds as a environment study for my Studio2 AR Project, (now continuing in IOL together).

Found Objects

Since Found Objects focused more upon building upon something / some object and moreover the encouragement to start from a physical object rather than starting pure virtual and computer based, I did a photogrammetry of a broken sculpture hand at RMIT. This also majorly changed/shaped the direction of my studio project in which I go on to develop the technicals and creating an AR solution to the broken sculpture : resurrecting-the-primate-hands

Discussion of Places

Fascinated on how our environment creates us, and thus vise versa, how this air bubble has shaped us to contrast of how water has shaped aquatic life. I switched these around in our studio space, discovering the ‘Magilantis’ .

Objects are not Exhausted

A really interesting module on object-oriented ontology, how everything just exists and not for human cosumption par- ticularly ? , Peeling down every layer of an objects existence, I created a visual of how I percieve the smallest particle in objects. pure magic!

Character, Place and Events

Looking in what makes the character- it’s made up of or within it’s environment, which can be other characters. How these smaller swarms of character can form a bigger character. I built a swarm of orbs which merge into each other,and the event is user’s hand. An interactive(leap motion) swarm of orbs.

Time as material

Time can be used in interesting ways in cinematography and games. It plays an important role in telling a story and can offer some very interesting game mechanics. Here I built a time mechanic, in which the gameplay time moves relative to the position of a real time world object. – In this case, it’s left hand from leap motion detection.


Forces are a creative contsraint which drives and gives a way in the chaos. Choas is necessary to build something unique and new but the forces/contraints are equally important to drive that choas into symmetry. Within the forces given to me, I chose to explore/revisit an alternate medium and created an experimental music symphony.




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