Playing with leap motion ~

Theme: Character, Place and Events

What constitutes a character? Explore how this character is made up of its environment and events within?

Video: Can a thousand Tiny swarming robots outsmart nature | Robotics | DeepLook explores the idea of instead of character being an individual- Why can’t the individual be a swarm?

Similar idea is followed in this iteration, where the environment is other character, and they all depend on each other, the interaction with one another changes their behaviour and further to user interaction from the user. 

Explore merging of shapes (metaball) in unity, in a possible way to explore how a swarm of these characters(orbs) together form an individual character ever-changing within itself, when they collide with each other and at the event of user interaction.

Experimentation on merging / metaball merge effect and user interaction via leap motion. Some colour and post processing play was also done. This experimentation also feeds as a general study for my IOL project of how metaball and hand interaction may look like. Though realising in this metaball method, I,e- merging of orbs, a whole mesh is recalculated every frame within a given area. Limitations being, can’t have a bigger space and thus a lot of particles, so this experimentation may help visualise the project summary but needs an entirely different approach for my Interactive Project : Multiverse, which contains a good decent amount of particles prefrabably in a larger space.capturee.png

Ref:Meta Used in project :
Particle Metaball: Futureuse, lowercputests : @avseoul/ray-marching-metaball-in-unity3d-fc6f83766c5d (muse)


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