Travel Card – myki – Melbourne – Victoria – Australia Augmented Reality – through Social Filter systems: with no extra app downloads.



Augmented Reality sits right on the line between merging the physical and digital worlds. Targetted augmented reality also relies on the materiality of the object to detect the surface and display contents. 
Expressing the material through digital- just decades ago, maps were forms of physical materials which have recently been digitized and now through means of AR, this is an attempt to link these specific maps to its specific material body. In this case, myki card. 

Several creatives such as TheMelbourneInaBox and CardsforACause play with this idea of changing the materiality of myki cards through providing customised stickers, creating a sense differentiation, possibly sparking that little joy while one taps on, in this monotony of myki cards.

Thesis on Materiality as the Basis for the Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary Art  by Christina Murdoch Mills elaborates on this more stating the materiality is the core of the experience providing completion of art through bodily perception, the senses; closing the loop, so to speak.

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