This quick ideation prototype was done in a day during a VRTOV Workshop. 

Idea Mechanics>
the top Bar is a game bar and you need to balance it in middle>> the extreme right side is too much eye contact with one part of the audience, and left being too little. 
(probably through eye-tracking of htc vive pro> or headset location)

As the bar approaches extreme sides, your shakiness of hands gets worse and vision blurry. The audience also distorts, (the idea is the audience is a reflection of your own fears and anxiety).

At the end you may also switch the camera to audience view and view a recording of yourself, to see how you did. 

– It can be used to train or simulate a public speaking environment. 
– The shaky controller as shown can be used to generate a sense of empathy from the perception of someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Engineering/Tech Ideation – Sahaj Garg.
Writer – Helen Kwok 
Art Direction – Matthew Buccheri 

Thanks to Oscar Raby for the workshop,

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