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During the Talk on environment, my mind was stimulated by this thought of how we are in this bubble of air when I saw one of my peers jacket which read ‘ DopeFish’ , my thought chain was immidiately followed by how fishes are in a very similar similar scenario and are in this huge bubble of water. Is all aqautic aware about this outside element called air? , Are we aware on the outside element of air,? ‘ Aether?‘ How far does it go, what’s beyond that? a hyperlooped space!?

Method Inspired via works and movies like Aquaman, where the environment is changed which creates the character

Changing atmosphere’s , Changing air to water.

I started with a 3D software, though that meant creating the whole 3D scene from actual footage, In which 3D virtual projection might come handy but after some trials and realising the complexity, I switched to After effects and tackled it from a more 2D approached, Though I worked with 3D in after effects, to map the camera to layers. Also playing with muffled underwate audio(lowpass).

making >>

Added animated Light strokes(noise), (Layer modes play)
Create water shade)animated noise map / glass filter), Place on planes in 3D,
Roto/mask planes to remove where not needed and sharp depth edges
Color correction > desaturate >exposure >hue > tritone
Particle bubbles(3D linked to camera tracker)
particle cubes
particle dust bubbles
Turbulence 2
extra correction 2

Project file attached if anyone wants to dive in –underwater.prproj

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