Those were still forest) Matte Painting Progression

Starting out with a blank canvas, painting out a rough feeling in my head.. the faded distant elements..
Defining the closer elements with sharp and much clearer strokes..
A clearer body of elements closer to the image…
From here on we have a final feel of the painting in our heads, you just got to put out whats in your head onto the canvas, patience is the key here.. give it time, keep adding and defining the things which are closer and keep refining the atmosphere in the distant.
Making it more dynamic with the use of tools like Warp , transform. Keeping things in different layers always helps.
In the next step I’ve flipped the whole canvas horizontally , just so to give a new perspective to the workflow.
Adding more of elements on the top and bottom (leaves and ground) , after the main elements which are trees here get to life…
Adding extra small-small elements in the end is what gives life to the whole composition..
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