Meraki (Meh-rah-Kee) is an interactive VR experience that focuses on the relationship between inner and outer reality. The internal pulse of the heartbeat is juxtaposed with the vast expanse of the cosmos. Every star has its own voice that sings a chorus against the beat of the heart. Explore the intricate complexities of the human heart and make a wish on a shooting star.


Web Based VR - No Downloads needed


Works best with Mozilla Firefox / GChrome || If VR Device is connected, Switch to VR option will appear at bottom left - Allow control on prompt. ||||||| Can be Played without VR - on desktop. |||| Middle Mouse button to Launch \\ Click to switch Views \\ Scroll for Timetravel ||||||||||||||||Make a wish when you see a shooting star!
Click Here to Launch

An immersive experience to inner dims ~ promoting mindfulness and a deep dive inside, into the beat of the cosmic heart . Supporting through means of Visual(360/VR), 3D binaural audio and camera dynamics in such a way that instead of point view in 360, it’s inverted (Inside Out). s3738367_Sahaj Garg_Studio01_Meraki_Folio1.jpg juxtaposing the idea of an inner and outer reality, The user is able to switch between the two perspectives and view and dive inside their cosmic heart amidst the shooting stars. A place to release, experience and energize.


Experience features custom music from ‘Saszer‘, audio reactive visuals and interactive immersive mind blending camera dynamics. Some major technical and logical challenges were – Changing how camera changes in comparison to head movement. Optimizing the file for the web, shader script modifications for Unity Batching, Light Weight Render Pipeline, and a good amount of design challenges. Extensive work on VR headset devices (htc vive and Oculus go for tests ) Though ~ Project is supported and build on WEBVR! – VR directly over the internet(browser), compatible with all(most) VR headsets.




 ~ find balance


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