Ricochetsz, a small experiential parable in Virtual Reality Environment. Ricochetsz submerges the user in a sea progressing towards an uplifting death and transformation. it’s meaning is individual-based, as you shred your old self and end /start towards an uplift. The perception of ricochet stands on multiple spectrums and must be experienced in VR to know what it is.

Made in Unity3D and features with depth – stereoscopic 3D render.

Also, Animation powered for: https://design.embracingearth.space/2020/les-mysteres-du-louvre-reaction-theatre-immersive-360-theatre/

if you’ve read it till here and would like to dig deeper on how its all done, here’s a bonus link : https://vimeo.com/348988980 password is drown 

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  • […] Overcoming some major projection hurdles,  and complex animations, automated and live visual trigger systems with performance, projector setup and integration- also devising a pipeline to project on 360 projection canvas, from 3D scenes. The  long term idea for the show is to take it on the road and each venue would be having different projector locations, pre-rendering each time from particularly(projector) placed camera is not feasible, to overcome this, 3D scenes are rendered into 360 which gives the ability map each project-able location from single 360 rendered file, some animations are also explored /made in realtime applications, opening to a possibility for more complex realtime interactivity systems in the future. Animations done here was also combined in ricochetsz , more animstuff there:. […]

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