Forces play an important role in any gameplay mechanics, a play with forces can be defined by external input from the user and in-game physics acting together for any kind of desired mechanic.
All(most of) the games made through engines like Unity uses it’s capabilities to add and play with these forces such as gravity, wind, rigid bodies, soft bodies to add in-game physics which works alongside with how the user is controlling the character.

Games have entire modules/engines dedicated to these forces.

Thinking on mechanics for my studio project, I decided to experiment with this idea of creating a bubble acting upon the forces just as it would in real life. 
being bubbly and If you touch it gently it floats away ~ it explodes if not gentle enough.

Method: Creating a bubble mech using Unity’s Cloth simulation and collision systems.


creating a bubbly surface using Unity’s cloth component, adding some constraints to control the dislocation of the mesh and tinkering with cloth inspector values like dampness, stiffness etc to get to your desired result.

— Creating a system so if we touch it gently it floats away, if hard it disables the render and plays a burst. 

a classic 😉

Just a touch – 

  A hard hit –

creating the burst particle system :  

Shading the bubble : 
Final look with cloth component and shader : 

just a touch –

hard hit –

– project Multiverse Development-


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