inside-outside is an experimental concept to be further explored, done in Unity3D.  Rendered in VR 360 forms and post-processed to achieve some mind blending results. 


Places – an Environment, an immersion, holds a significant value in any kind of immersive experience, especially 360 immersive projection or in a VR environment. Our environment may also define our perception and vice versa, knowledge and experience are situated in the interplay between person and environment.

Section 2: Human Perception and Environmental Experience by elaborates and quotes several philosophers along with these ideas.

“our self image and consequently the way we perceive ourselves to interact with our environment” Karen Carr (1995 , p – 4)who also further reflects on sense of physical reality stating that our sense of physical reality is a construct derived from symbolic, information directly presented to our senses noting that aspects of our physical reality are only present in an incomplete, noisy form and our eyes provide only a fleeting series of snapshots of only parts of things present in our visual perception, influenced by a prior knowledge brought to perceptual analysis of one’s sensory input, interpreting these objects to exist in their entirety, Carr citing Gregory , 1980.

Stimulated and Virtual Realities : Elements of Perception, Tailor and Francis Publications, 1995 .

Steuer (1964 , p.21) who defines a medium as an extension of man, reflecting how technology is just an extension to our human psyche.

Jonathan Steuer , 1992 :‘Defining Virtual Reality : Dimensions Determining Telepresence‘, Journal of Communication , Stanford University ,

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