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‘Les Mystères du Louvre’ is a bilingual theatrical experience, which combines 3D projection mapping and set design to explore where live performance and digital animation collide. It challenges the audience’s perception of history while immersing in modern-day digital media.

The concept features 3D fold-able sets, transforming between scenes with projection mappings, immersed in a 360 space alongside live theatricals.

‘Les Mystères du Louvre’ opens the world of art and language to a young audience by immersing them in a multi-sensory experience which brings to life an iconic artwork, Géricault’s ‘The Raft of the Medusa’. The work invites the audience to explore the themes and history expressed in this painting and to help them grasp their relevance to contemporary events 

In January 2019, ReAction Theatre formed an industry partnership with the RMIT School of Design to develop some of the ground breaking technical aspects of ‘Secret of the Raft.’ This included the ‘Hero’ piece – a highly complex digital animation which has ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ painting by Géricault gushing off a wall and completely engulfing the theatre space. Once accomplished, the team decided to tackle another section of he work, creating a stunning underwater scene. Our aim, in this creative development, was to explore ways of enhancing the wonder of theatre and the element of surprise which is part of what makes the theatre medium such a vibrant art form.

Team :

Overcoming some major projection hurdles,  and complex animations, automated and live visual trigger systems with performance, projector setup and integration- also devising a pipeline to project on 360 projection canvas, from 3D scenes. The  long term idea for the show is to take it on the road and each venue would be having different projector locations, pre-rendering each time from particularly(projector) placed camera is not feasible, to overcome this, 3D scenes are rendered into 360 which gives the ability map each project-able location from single 360 rendered file, some animations are also explored /made in realtime applications, opening to a possibility for more complex realtime interactivity systems in the future. Animations done here was also combined in ricochetsz , more animstuff there:.

The prototype showing was successfully conducted on 14th of September, 2019 with performers in the Black Box at RMIT. reAction Theatre aims to further developing for full extended shows and tours and is open to partnerships.

projector simulator

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