^ a short 15 min challenge (as RMIT studio session) create one thing to other. Random objects drawn from chits.

Jack-Sparrow (Flash / Premier Pro/ After Effects)

A short animated film I did in a team of 5 , animation was done by everyone and while everyone contributed on every factor, I developed character design and played role in post editing plus sound design. This was followed by a well pre-production phase including , scripting – story-boarding etc.

Animators :
 ScreenPlay : King j Roy
 Storyboard : Whitney Maria Godhino
 Props / BG - Prakhar jspn
 Character Design : Sahaj Garg
 Post editing , Audio sync : Akshay Kumar

2D / graphic arts : –


Lost Soles – A short using Pixilation Animation (Stop Motion Tech)
Story –  LOST SOLES 
Did everything from recording , editing , acting to sound design. We also explored green screen techs (initial first times). Done in team of two (with King J Roy).


Website/Event Promos/Banners





Logo Concepts







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