Realtime Stereo – Depth Based Visual Effects

Theme : Audience

A lot of interactive installtions and works depend on the input from audience to create itself. In these scenarios , the artwork is audience itself of it’s environment.
Adrien M and Clair B create interactive spaces and artworks which rely on it’s surroundings to morph itself.
TeamLab is creating massive installations and artworks which change themselves according to movement in it’s surroundings by its audience.

‘Audio and video installations requiring audience movement and participation pose a unique set of problems. These works are realized through physical action within a responsive environment. Participants may become part of the work itself, as others outside of the sensing area view the spectacle of their interaction while seeing the results’ Research Doc on Audience Participation and Response in Movement-Sensing Installations by Todd Winkler elaborates more on this and different factors such as digital, physical, social and personal factors which create these interactive spaces .

An intersting snippet from A Common Framework for Audience Interactivity by Alina Striner, Sasha Azad , Chris Martens shows the level of audience interactivity . Each individual collaborates to the overall art and space,the work is an audience too of its surrounding and itself.


Creating an artwork which will be created by it’s audience. Using Zed mini camera which gives stereo depth (z axis) data and combining it with Unity’s VFX Graph.

Recorded on the underground afterhours dance culture at RMIT spaces, Melbourne.


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