WebAR – Questioning :

Previously built WebVR experience Meraki 1.o , I dive in WebAR(Browser Based Augmented Reality) here.

I experimented with a number of SDK’s. tools and pathways to create WebAR. With future rise of wearable AR Glasses, WebAR will become a major need, as it’s on web, it doesn’t need any specific app installations for particular experience. It all happens over a browser// internet.

These experiments were done while webAR is still growing and is changing every day:  2019.  -following further — 

AR through Filters: 
 most of the people have these social apps installed such as facebook or instagram and sending a custom AR filter is as easy as sending a link or a qr code. It doesn’t require any external apps and works straight through the camera within these applications – which resonates with our initial question, on how to create a better UX and without having them download and modifying tons of more apps particulary for each experience.
This was done via Facebook Spark AR. Experience happens over facebook or instagram cameras, almost zero load-times and pretty stable.

WebAR Via Unity

I was surprised that currently there is almost no support for AR over WebGL Unity exports by AR SDK’s , even accessing the back camera via on a Unity WebGL export is a tricky hack job. I discuss on all of this in the document.

Though i’ve successfully created webar through unity3d engine – research outcome from these experiments can be viewed in doc^.

Unity can unable for complicated and advanced experiences. (directly over a url-no app downloads).

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